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Our vision is to embrace and reintroduce the beauty in the underappreciated. Art can be found in every avenue of life and our mission at 1999 THE STUDIO is to shine light on the imperfect and unseen. Inspired by diverse subcultures and artists who dare to be different, we seek to bring back the beauty in the unexpected.

1999 THE STUDIO was founded by creative director Kenny Kamba in 2017. Based in Copenhagen, we employ designs based on contemporary culture and art with our primary focus on seasonal, ready to wear menswear & womenswear.

Manufacturing is based in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Portugal as we fundamentally believe that quality textiles and materials are vital for the creative vision.


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Legal information

Company name: 1999 THE STUDIO                                VAT ID: 38605844 DK 


Address information                                                                               

Hoerhusvej 7  3. 15
2300, Amager
Copenhagen, Denmark
Soenderparken 11 2. 2   
7430, Ikast